We are located just 90 minutes North of the George Washington Bridge on the New York State Thruway in historic Kingston, NY. Our facility is backdropped by the tranquil and scenic vistas of the Hudson Valley.

Over 50% of families in the United States are opting for cremation each year. More and more families are choosing to accompany their loved ones to the crematory to be a part of the cremation process. We like to equate witnessing a cremation to the traditional graveside committal service. Your family can gather in our crematory for final goodbyes and to witness the casket entering the cremation chamber.

The benefits are largely personal. Some people want to follow their loved one throughout the memorial process while some have spiritual or religious connections with witnessed cremations.

For others, witnessing the beginning of the cremation can help remove some mystery of this time-honored process.

We’ll work closely with you and your funeral director to provide a service that is unique to your loved one. We are happy to discuss all of your wishes when planning a witness cremation.

Most commonly, family and friend’s gather in our peaceful sitting area where your funeral director or officiant may share some comforting words and prayer. Some families choose to play their loved one’s favorite music on our Alexa music system. Children and adults often find peace in writing and coloring messages on the cremation container. After final goodbyes, some people want to simply be present as the cremation begins. Others want to watch through our room-separating windows or even enter the crematory to participate in the beginning of the cremation process. The cremation may be initiated by a loved one at this time.

Wiltwyck Crematory is a part of Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery in Kingston, NY and has been providing cremation services since 1983. Our Staff are committed to providing the professional care and service you and you loved ones deserve. Wiltwyck Crematory is a proud member of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) which provides the training and courses for our crematory operators to be licensed in New York.

Between Matthew Sirni, the General Manager, and our compassionate staff, we have decades of cremation experience. Where your loved one is cremated should not be left to chance. Simply tell your funeral director, “We want our loved one cremated at Wiltwyck”